ORNAMENTAL PROGRAMKeep your plants and trees beautiful & healthy

Landscape plantings can greatly increase the value of your property. Our Ornamental Care Program is designed to protect the value and beauty of your investment by keeping your ornamentals in top shape. The Ornamental Care Program is an optional feature of our Healthy Lawn Program.


Our proprietary blend of fertilizer is designed specifically for the maximum health of your ornamental plants. We use the soil-injection method of fertilization. This method has several advantages:

  • Fertilizer is placed in the root zone where it is needed.
  • Surface plants, such as weeds and grass, do not use the fertilizer before the tree does.
  • The soil is aerated and the soil structure is improved by the high-pressure injection of the fertilizer.
  • Some elements do not move well through the soil. Soil injection puts them where they are needed.


Our insect control program is designed to control common ornemental pests such as aphids, scale, spider mites, thrips, and white flies. Ornamentals will be inspected on each visit and treated as needed to minimize infestation. If insects are present between regular treatments, we will treat them at no additional charge.